Our church is rooted in action 

Immigrant Welcoming Sanctuary Church

These designations mean that we support immigrants, regardless of their documentation status, and seek to promote the personhood, safety, and respect of all families. We commit ourselves to listening to the needs of the community and showing up for action, up to and including providing physical sanctuary.

Global Mission Church

Member churches of this coalition serve as examples of encouragement for other communities of faith to extend their resources into the world. For PNECC, we have committed to a long-standing partnership with the AIDS Orphans Education Trust (AOET) in Uganda. In addition to providing financial support for education, PNECC has participated in multiple service trips to Uganda to provide health and education support. PNECC is developing plans for a similar partnering relationship in Cuba. Read our Global Mission Report here. PNECC was the 2016 recipient of the David G. Southland, Sr. Award for Excellence in Global Mission Work from the New York Conference of the United Church of Christ.

Open and Affirming More Light Congregation

We are a congregation that believes that our LGBTQ siblings are fearfully and wonderfully made and are welcome in God's family. Not only are LGBTQ persons welcome as worshipers, but every office of the church; pastor, elder, deacon, is open to them. Yes, our pastors will officiate same-sex weddings and baptize the babies of same-sex couples. 

Just Peace Church

Inspired by the "Just Peace" declaration of the UCC and the "Answering the Believers' Call" to peacemaking pronouncement by the PCUSA, in 2010, PNECC declared itself a Just Peace Church. We believe that the central message of the Gospel is that God wants justice for all of God's creation. To that end, we actively work for peace and justice efforts in our local community and beyond. We confess our sins of injustice and unjust systems. We listen to the voices of historically marginalized communities and take our direction from them. We pray for our enemies. To read our complete declaration for a Just Peace Church, go here

For information on Saratoga Peace Week, go here.