We are a federated church of Presbyterians and New England Congregationalists (UCC). We are two historically related congregations and maintain a certain separateness in our legal identities: each congregation has its own membership book, mission contribution, and denominational ties. However, we worship together as a single church family. For practical purposes, there is no separation between the two congregations. 

Our church family is diverse in age, marital status, sexual identity, theological outlook and political perspective, but we are united in belief that a church that attempts to experience the love of God within its community must also be a church that is socially conscious and politically involved. That sometimes leads to controversy and discomfort; but we believe that relevance to human life is more important than a "comfortable pew."

We believe that God's love for humanity is all inclusive and by our common baptism we are brought into union with Christ without distinction. Christ's commandment to love one another is the foundation of our Christian faith. We believe that our value as human beings is given to us by God, and that God calls us to relate to each other as whole persons, with love, accountability, responsibility, trust, and mutual nurture. 


An Open and Affirming More Light Church

An immigrant welcoming SANCTUARY Church